In Greek Mythology, Satyrs are the original party animals. These Grecian creatures were born “a tribe of the helpless and worthless,” but they soon found their place in the world: entertaining Dionysus, the God of wine, with their music, dancing, and wild merry-making.


Physical Description

Satyrs are known for their animalistic behavior, and their appearance goes hand-in-hand with their personality.

In early Greek art, Satyrs are part-man and part-horse or donkey. They have heads full of thick curls, beards that fall down to their chests, and nubby horns peeking out of their curly locks. Their noses are short and round while their ears are long and pointed. A horse or donkey tail sprouts from their lower back and sweeps down to the ground.

Some Satyrs varied slightly in appearance. The Panes, for example, had goat legs instead of horse features. The Silenis were thinner and older with bald heads. The adorable Satyriskoi were just young boys, lacking the beards and bulging muscles of their older companions.

In late Greek art, Satyrs began to appear even more animalistic. In addition to having a horse’s tail, they began to have horse or goat legs as well. Today’s images are similar—the horsier the better!


The Satyrs are attendants of Dionysus, the Greek God of wine and celebration, and their rambunctiousness makes them perfect for the role. They revel in wine, music, dancing, and above all else, women. Their parties usually turn into frenzies, since they just can’t seem to control their high spirits. Impulse control simply doesn’t exist among Satyrs.

From a distance, a Satyr party might seem like the place to be, but get too close and you’ll regret heeding their pipes. Satyrs are wild and reckless, a combination that can quickly spin into destruction. They have been known to rip apart villages that stood in the path of their parades, trampling crops, looting food, and generally making a nightmarish mess.

But, undoubtedly, Satyrs pose the biggest threat to women. They are famous for their insatiable lust, and they won’t take no for an answer. These muscly, drunken creatures have been responsible for raping countless nymphs, as well as beautiful mortals.

Special Abilities

Still, there is some method to the Satyrs madness. They are extremely talented with musical instruments, and they can produce such hypnotic tunes on their pipes and flutes that other people, and even animals, are forced to join their revelry. Tambourines and brass drums can also be heard in their musical melee. They are also prolific dancers, with some of their dances serving ritualistic purposes that help crops grow or appease the Gods.


Satyrs first appear in Greek literature around the 8th century BCE. Hesiod, Ovid, Strabo, Aesop, Virgil, Cicero, and Nonnus all wrote about the wild parties, brawls, and affairs of the Satyrs. Satyrs are also extremely popular in Athenian red-figure pottery. During the 5th and 6th centuries BCE, countless red-figure designs included Satyrs playing their flutes or manhandling huge wine skins.

Around the 5th century BCE, Satyrs also became extremely popular in theatre. During dramatic plays, a chorus of actors dressed as Satyrs would provide commentary on the drama, often for comic effect. One complete Satyr play, Cyclops by Euripides, still exists today. Fragments of Satyr-plays written by Sophocles and Aesop have also been found.

By the time Satyrs were handed down from the Greeks to the Romans, they had begun to be confused with other party animals. The Romans replaced Satyrs with fauns, woodland creatures with legs like a goat. Fauns carried on the Satyr’s merry-making, but they weren’t quite as robust as their ancestors. They had a more childlike appearance and more connections to nature and wildlife than to agriculture and wine.

Reptile History

Hi there, hope you’re well, my name is…
I would like to elaborate some of the coolest facts about one of the iconic character, Reptile, from the game Mortal Kombat. Here is my research from YouTube, Wikipedia, and many other resources.
I’m introducing you from the beginning, here we go.

Reptile appearance: Reptile is a video game character from the Mortal Kombat fighting game franchise created by Midway Games by Ed Boon and John Tobias. Reptile debuted in Mortal Kombat as a hidden character, it was first fighting to introduce a hidden opponent, a player only fights Reptile if they see a UFO/Witch/flock of birds flying over the cloud, and also in order to fight, you have to win two flawless victories to face Reptile. It was 10M points, which is making it worth it to face Reptile, at least we can show off the score.

Reptile movie appearance: Reptile appeared in the movie Mortal Kombat (1995), portrayed by Kitch Cooke as a bipedal lizard, he was found by Liu Kang after being thrown into a statue. Reptile transformed into a human-looking ninja and he battled Liu kang, he was defeated by Liu King and then crushed after reverting to his original form.

Series appearance: The television series Mortal Kombat conquest featured Reptile in his human form portrayed by John Valera, commander of Shao Kahn’s Raptors, he betrayed Kahn and formed an alliance with Kreeya to share dominion over Kahn’s domain and serve as one of Haimatis. Only to be killed later during ambush by Shoa Kahn’s priest’s.
Song released: Skrillex released the single referring to the Mortal Kombat Character Reptile from the game. The album titled “Mortal Kombat” song inspired by the warriors.

Animated series: Reptile appears in the 2020 animated movie mortal Kombat legends: Scorpion’s revenge when he ambushes Sonya. Sonya defeats him and beheaded him with a chain.

Action figures: A Reptile figure was released by Hasbro. The figure comes with Katana and grappling hook.
Origin of Reptile: Reptile is the green ninja in late game. Let’s get under the skin of Reptile Mortal Kombat’s. Reptile

was actually a secret character in the first Mortal Kombat game, the third ninja amongst the original warrior Scorpion and Subzero. Reptile is the mixture of Scorpion and Subzero, they give their move to Reptile. Reptile is the spewing acid cold-blooded killer. Reptile is a race known as the Saurians, an evolution of dinosaurs and also native to earth realm along with many of other heroes. The Saurians resemble Raptors and also possesses unique abilities such as turning invisible and can spit highly powerful acid that can even damage other sarias. While the Saurians once thrived on earth realm, they forced to flee zatata claimed by the outer world Zatara. Driving the Saurians to nearly extinction with a few survivors left Reptile, one of the survivors, significantly informs his action in Mortal kombat series.
Some cool facts about Reptile: Reptile is one of coolest characters in the Mortal Kombat game, he possesses the coolest Fatality in MK games. Some of the coolest facts about Reptile are here.
You can fight Reptile Vs Reptile: If you play the challenge tower challenge number 227, you’ll be going up against a version of Reptile that got turned into cyborg like styrax sector and sub zero. It’s basically a palette swap of cyber sub zero, but its still really cool to see this happen.
Mortal Kombat shaolin monks:

If you find Reptile on the Pit. Liu king will refer to him as another servant of Shang Tsung. But, Reptile’s reply is “I don’t serve Shang Tsung.”
This is possibly a mistake as Reptile’s bile and welcome back to states that he is Shang Tsung’s personal protector and he serves them. Now, the only way this won’t be a mistake is if Reptile already discovered that Shang was plotting to force the remaining members of his nearly extinct race into slavery under Shao Kahn rule, then it makes sense.
Reptile in comics: In comics Reptile was banished to the nether realm for community genocide on the other species, but in Mortal Kombat comics book, it showed that Sindel claimed her role as a denyin queen and she banished Reptile to the call that mind of Shoa Kahn for his crime against Denial.

Reptile’s real name revealed: In Mortal Kombat X, there is a secret dialogue between Reptile and Raidn where we can actually hear Reptile’s real name and that was first time Reptile spoke. The dialogue is Raidn: “Step aside Syzoth.” Reptile: “You know my true name?” Raidn: “And path to defeat.”

Reptile’s blood changes occasionally: Reptile’s blood has been changed to red and green multiple time throughout the series.

It comes out one and two bleeds res, then in MK3 he bleeds green but turns in MK4 and is back to being red. In indent alliance, it’s green again.
Reptile loyalty: Reptile swore his loyalty to Shoa Kahn because he promised him that if he helped him out with the task he would revive his reptilian race. But, it was Shoa Kahn who put his race near extinction. Reptile was loyal to his master, Shoa Kahn, and helped him again and again. Reptile ended up hearing a conversation between Shang Tsung and Quan Chi where they were applying to assassinate Shoa Kahn, Reptile rushed to the emperor. Before he could warn him, the vampire, known as Vitara, distracted him by revealing to him knowledge about his reptilian traits. He also told him about the Saurians race. He didn’t reach Shao kahn in time because Vitara succeeded in distracting him long enough, but when he discovered that was only distracting him from telling the emperor about the treasury he went back to find her, but didn’t. Instead, he ended up finding an incubated egg of the Dragon King Dummy embryos pulses and fires a beam into a hawkish lizard beast and his soul is replaced with another. That’s insane.

Reptile in Mortal Kombat: Reptile makes a cameo in Mortal Kombat 11 where he runs away from the player in the Krypt. We have to find him by gathering a few fragments of soul to fight Reptile. I think this character needs much more than cameo.
Reptile wins (fatality).

Greek Mythology


Creatures that are half man, half beast are found in the legends of almost every culture on our planet. The closest we have to a general word that contains the meaning of half-human, half-beast hybrid is the therianthrope, which generally refers to a shifter—someone who is fully human for part of the time and fully animal for the other times.
Among the most prominent creatures, we can mention:
The centaur is a very ancient creature with a body formed by a head and torso of a man and the body of a horse from the waist down, with six limbs—two hands and four legs. The centaur is well known for its skill in controlling the lance and bow, but it can also defend itself very well with a shield and club. This being consists of a great strength highlighted by its animal parts.
Echidna, the monstrous nymph, is considered to be a direct descendant of Forcis and Ceto. She would be the mother of the most important monsters in Greek myths. It is said that she had the torso of a beautiful woman, but her eyes hid a fearsome dark color—a fierce aspect that was completed with the disconcerting body of a snake. The first reference to Echidna is found in the Greek mythology of Hesiod called Theogony, written probably at the end of the seventh and eighth centuries, B.C.
The Harpies were creatures with the body of a bird of prey and the face of a woman. They were also recognized as creatures with great colorful and spectacular plumage. At the beginning of their lives, they were the ones in charge of helping the souls go down to purgatory, and they were beautiful. After some time, they began to develop thr evil that characterizes them in mythology, turning them into a supernatural species. Being birds with very sharp and semi-folded claws and a belly from which filthy vapours sprang, they were always hungry and the sound they emitted was horrible. It stunned those who listened.
The Gorgon is a warrior woman with living hair full of snakes and a terrible petrifying look. Only three are known: Medusa, Esteno, and Euriale. These sisters, daughters of the marine deities Ceto and Forcis, formed one of the most powerful and ancient triads in known mythology. They had mental and physical powers and had the gift of healing.
In addition, they have wild boar tusks, bat wings, and a body covered with metal dragon scales. Their feet and hands are quite similar to claws, and their eyes can turn any being who looks at them to stone, even just for a brief moment.
The mermaids are hybrid geniuses that lived in the sea, near what is now Sicily. Their shape was that of a bird’s body with a woman’s face, so they did not have fins, but wings to be able to fly, although later they were taken as beings with a fish’s tail. One of their main characteristics was their voice, as they possessed an immense sweetness and musicality. Thanks to their gift, they attracted the boats of sailors, who were so enraptured with such beautiful music that they jumped off the boat to listen better, perishing in the waters.
The Minotaur is part bull, part man. Its name derives from the bull god, Minos, an important deity of the Minoan civilization of Crete. Its most famous appearance is in the Greek story of Theseus, who fought the Minotaur in the heart of the labyrinth to rescue Ariadne. The Minotaur as a legendary creature has been enduring, appearing in Dante’s Inferno and in modern fantasy fiction. Hell Boy, which first appeared in the 1993 comic books, is a modern version of the Minotaur. It could be argued that the character Beast from the Beauty and the Beast story is yet another version of the same myth.
Finally, the Satyr is a creature that is part goat, part man. Unlike many others, it is not dangerous. It is characterized as a hedonistic and scandalous creature dedicated to pleasure. Even today, to call someone a satyr is to imply that they are obsessed with physical pleasure.

Aninoids The Book Coming Soon

I am the author of “Aninoids” and it is my first book. I envision “Aniniods” to be one of four books. It is a young adult sci-fi to be enjoyed by teens to adults.

The first book “Aninoids” is what I call the teaser book. There are multiple storylines that you only get just enough to keep you wanting to read the second book. I don’t know why I named the book “Aninoids,” because it’s not just about the Aninoids. It has a main character that isn’t an Aninoids and it isn’t just about them. I would imagine it was because I liked the way it sounded, and though, it’s a word I made up, I’m going to try to get a brand going on it. Here’s a little about “Aninoids.”

The earth we live in is being showered with technology, which can be good and bad. The Voice, a being in outer space, sees “Aninoids” starting to evade earth. He knows he has to do something or there will be no Earth. The Voice finds a planet and gives it all of Earth’s qualities for earthlings to move. The Voice gives this planet no name except to call it New Earth, then controls who comes to the New Earth, and one of those families is the Dolla’s.

This was just the tip because I introduce you to a situation that, as a young adult or an adult, you can relate to. When you read the book, it will make you wonder about some of the characters. I wanted Aninoids to be intriguing and I hope I was able to do that by making you use your imagination as to what you believe will happen. It’s a sci-fi, so I had to make sure it had enough space and planet interest. The New Earth is being built from scratch. I wanted to have enough action while the building was going on. Let’s talk action, I wanted to give up plenty. I have a new superhero that I will be introducing in one of them; I’m excited about that. I’m going to periodically come here and blog about Aninoids and where I am in the next book. I hope you enjoy my book. I’ll be having some nice giveaways this soon. I’ll also be releasing my brand, so keeping checking for more information.